When you think about some of the great journalists and personalities of our time, Alan Whicker must be amongst one of the most liked and well know due to his dedication and passion for journalism. Unlike many journalists Alan is also a merry fellow who is full of sharp humour which has made him the success he is. Whicker enjoys good wine and good food, and sunshine and a warm sea. If his happiness is different it may be because he adds insight as an essential addition to enjoyment of the good things of life. Happiness, he says, "does come from a nice life, but you must be aware of it - and grateful for it".

Alan Whicker who is now in his late 80's has had a life that has seen him travel all over the world and take on a range of different careers. In the early days Alan was commissioned as an officer in the Devonshire Regiment of the British Army and by 1943 he had reached the honored rank of Captain. It was his Army career that give him the opportunity to visit the world and to learn about the different cultures and beliefs that people had. This interest grew and grew until finally he was given the chance to join the Army's film and photography, thin involved meeting various high ranking army and government officials and his eagerness to learn and passion for journalism continued to grow further.

Interview Style

Alan Whicker After the war had ended Alan continued his interest in journalism and eventually in the 1950's joined the BBC, this is where he became a leading reporter and his skills and dedication lifted him to front a number of shows, the most successful being the BBC show "Tonight."

Now were into 2009, what lies in the future for Alan Whicker? Whicker turns 84 this year but contrary to rumours he has never retired. "It would have been nice if you had," says Valerie, Whicker's partner of over 30 years, who's busying herself with cross-stitch. "If another person says I retired, I'll scream," says Whicker in a voice that suggests anything but I haven't stopped for a second."

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New Series

Alan Whicker Army This leads on to Alan's new and well awaited project and he has no intention of taking it easy. Instead Alan is in the process of re-visiting those places which encapsulated the interest and hearts of viewers. A new series is in the process of being filmed where Alan will be visiting some of the people he met all those years ago to find out what path their lives took and to gain some more interesting insights into the life's in which those people have lived. This promises to be an excellent and enthralling series which has been longed for since Whickers World ended.Books

However Alan has not just focused all of his efforts on relaying his stories and journalism skills through TV, he has also had a range of books that have become just as popular and give a more detailed insight into the life and experiences which Alan has witnessed and explored. Two of his best selling books are "Whickers War" and "Whickers World" which are a must for any Whicker fan.

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